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lirik lagu 200 iq – bxnja



blir’e först impression
hahahahaha, banger, banger alert, banger alert
de*de*de*den smaka exakt som cider!
solhatten, yeet
bxnja on the track

[vers 1: bxnja]

my iq is high, higher than the f*cking sky
using 100% of my brain so i can f*cking fly
your brain is sh*t, i am so lit
you’re so f*cking stupid and you should f*cking quit

200 iq, cooler than f*cking king boo
your brain is so sh*t, you don’t even have a clue
i already knew that you’re iq’s just a few
it’s actually true, i have 200 iq

[vers 2: vill9ine]

i am playing fortnite and i use my glider
it’s nice and it tastes just like cider
really good at fortnite but i ain’t got a life
twelve year old fortnite gamer searching for a wife
200 iq is high, vbucks is so worth to buy
your iq is low and you’re starting to cry
(elvira är mitt namn, jag är helt jävla re, jag gillar hatgang och jag gillar röka weed)

[vers 3: solhatten]

i look like a spider and that’s really nice
i have high iq, i banged the record twice
and when you came at me i rolled you like a dice
i saw you comming at me with that thick thick ice

but when you came at me, i just flexed with the price
my iq’s so high, yeah i guess you’ll call me wice
when im in the game i k!ll the competition
they all sent me out on a dangerous mission

[vers 4: bxnja]

flexing with my iq like im flexing with my cash
dabbing on them haters when they tell me that im trash
i’ve got every f*cking skin inside my f*cking locker
when im walking in the room im screaming “what’s upp f*cker?”

im so f*cking cool and im rapping like a king
in a long way you can see that it’s my thing
i’m so f*cking relevant, this song is so elegant
200 iq, wearing all the yeezy shoe