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lirik lagu 2 parts (remix) – byron juane


i been feeling like i got 2 parts
split up biz yeah it’s 2 parts
yea you twist your words reaching too far
but i been peeping game off the radar
oh yeah
oh yeah yeah yeah
oh na na aye

[verse 1]
tell that truth till it hurts you.ain’t nothing changed on my 6
i got inertia.shooting up by the rim i’m that jump man in my season
like it’s 96 what’s that mean ron machine i’m filled up like it’s dolce
in a cup mixed with that lean ah crip walk i do lean on my god with the flex
strong so strong that’s a boflex left that bad and boujee like i’m off set
oh my what’s gotten into that guy it’s been a it’s been a it’s been a it’s been a
while so he been ghost bouta drop again that’s dose young flow on me
got that a1 on me see on god y’all owe me for that bull y’all sold me


[verse 2]
woah woah, don’t you push me to my limit no pull these rappers cards
think i’m playing this ain’t uno no i got the plan yeah map in my hand
point out the camp and i’ll expose them again i been putting it in the lord’s hands
lacing it down put it right like vans i see more the more far i go
go cold like it’s ten below i know that this pressure is evident i gotta outlet
but i married the game into spouses and that’s documented need a voucher
rmg wild boy i ain’t gone throw in the towel boy build this thing like an empire
that’s distribution and a co sign i ain’t ever need to steal writers scratch that
i ain’t ever need to drop a movement talking crae like i’m about to lose it
but i found god in the midst of movement yea i did