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lirik lagu think about it freestyle – bzzy


i wanna make n–gas rap again man
i mean is that not why we here?
is that not why we here?
i mean the gimmicks is cute and sh–
but lets get back to rap

(verse 1)
is that what y’all rap fo?
im just spitting facts ho’
n–ga thats your girl well i was sliding like the back door
and she know that i’m next up
yeah thats why she f–k with me
i could have gave your son a little bro if it was up to me
instead i was like f–k that, i ain’t ready, swallow him!
and you was just like f–k that whats his twitter? unfollow him
yeah b–h i been a winner since my birthday
and back up in that sperm race a n–ga game in first place
i’m here now i know you probably thinking you too
but n–ga wheres your girl i bet i find her before you do
i bet i got more bit–es than you n-ggas off of youtube
while they was subtweeting she was subscribing who knew
labels on my watch, yep!
tape ain’t even drop yet
5 years later you still yelling you got next
your plot does not thicken
your stories is not sticking
we can work together, you’ll never be better scott pippen listen
i ain’t ever sell no white
but i bet ill get a key in your city for better price n–ga
everything is quotable
everything is notable
your favorite rapper better cop a verse while i’m affordable
cause a year from now can’t no one get through to him
im schooling him i swear im gone make going platinum cool again
throwing bars like nunchucks except i’m oiff the chain with it
so you dumb f–ks gone be going back to school again
l what up though? got my lawyer in this b–ch
cause bizzy crook be k!lling s–t
and n–gas like to snitch and s–t
n–gas catching feelings quick
im just catching bodies with it only difference is my legal council is witnessing
and all that money the feds listening
but f–k taking pictures i’m the one to take a picture with
can’t cop a pic-sso but i’m the new pic-sso
cause i learned that you can paint it just as long as you can picture it
now they hating cause they got left back
but once you learn to love, hate becomes your biggest setback
so forget it before you regret that
its good luck forever i swear ima always rep that
i’m gone!