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lirik lagu intro (skit) – c-mob & tj holland


c-mob: yo what up tj?
tj: what’s good bro?
c-mob: ay i been checking out them videos you been posting online of you rapping that sh-t’s pretty dope
tj: aw yeah? ay thanks bro. as a matter of fact, i been tryna holler at you, i need some advice. i’m really tryna get serious with the music, more than just facebook you know what i’m saying? but i’m not really sure how to get started. i’m trine make my sh-t official. like official official. can you give me some advice?
c-mob: you know what man? you got mad talent, you work hard, and you take care of your family. know what i’m saying? you stay solid and i respect that sh-t. man what you think about just doing a alb-m together?
tj: a alb-m together? a alb-m alb-m?
c-mob: let’s do a whole alb-m together
tj: you think-you think that’ll work bro? like we got two totally different styles brush i mean i mean, you think that’ll mix well?
c-mob: yeah man look like, we got totally different styles, but they’re differently dope. you know what i’m saying? i think this sh-t’ll work
tj: well if you with it than i’m with it brush cause i been waiting for some real fans anyway sh-t so let’s do it
c-mob: okay bet