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lirik lagu 007 – cadentoocold


[verse: cadentoocold]

call me ben, looking at my watch 007
been the hottest shooter out the block you can call me stephen
pull up leave him cold bro better watch out where he stepping
i could air him out then carry him don’t need a weapon
i’ll use my bare knuckles, knock him out like it’s tekken
ops waiting for my verse to end
but i don’t ever stop
i just watch the clock
and when i have a thought
then i start to plot
about my goals and how to achieve em
and about new songs and who gonna feature
i took one look yeah she a keeper
sorry that’s yo girl i had to steal her
toocold but i keep the heater
better watch out cause i keep the
[chrous: cadentoocold]

silenced switch on me like 007
see a few opps might send em to heaven
or send em’ running to 7/11
should i end em’ or teach em’ a lesson
so many options and outcomes to be
shoot from afar like we shooting a three
akimbo sticks on me i’m playing the wii
i got bullets kicking you like chun li
run up on you like my gang playing cod
4 opps in the street that’s a real easy quad
like we on fortnite might run wit a squad
popping all fakes it’s on sight for the frauds

[verse: cadentoocold]

walked in the street posted wit a new gun
think to myself should i ruin some fun
i heard that last week rivals came up and spun
trails vs. opponents you know that we won
i want the beef i’m playing for keeps
i am the chief just like sosa keef
we finna grief hoods like ali sharif
yeah, you is a thief with no moral beliefs
disbelief finding the album motif
take a seat you know i’ll be keeping this brief
i battle emotions like world war explosions
ocean opponents like pacific shoguns
mind is an omen a future approaches
maybe dystopian or a utopian
trojan war in my mind just like the romans
lost in commotion i’m already over this
put in a token play mind games in motion
devotion for change lets get a promotion
escape dystopia get out of demotion
i’m tryna stay focused so i’ll pass it to cohen
[verse: cohentoochilly]

yeah, yeah, he passed it to me
i ain’t giving hand outs, sh*t ain’t free
if you want a feature i’m charging a fee
f*ck, i got blood on my t**th
that’s what you get when you come from the streets
rappers be chicken, but i’m bout that beef
f*ck it, imma drop a bag on my t**th
b*tch i’m iced out
hoes gotta pipe down
i lay the pipe down
say they f*cking with my sound
that boy acting gangsta, he a clown
like lebron, i’m a king i need a crown
tooclean going crazy, making haters frown