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lirik lagu under an ashen sky – call us forgotten


steps from the edge,
calling for a sign, just silence

do you know who you are?
or just believe everything they tell you
frail and weak, not even fit to speak

you only do what you’re told
locked inside this cage with no escape

you’re hopeless broken
too afraid to even stand your ground

it’s like you’re screaming
“nail this coffin from the inside, death’s cold embrace
will never reach me here. lock this prison from the outside.
i’ll close my eyes and pray i make it out alive”

now’s the time to take their tongues from their mouths
and scream, “i am not like you!”

i’ll wait right here for you to come back down, to break your fall
and take you far from here. speak up i’m listening
open your eyes and catch your footing, save your lungs
don’t blink the time’s not on our side, don’t close your eyes

i’m not like you, and never will be
taking all you can, yet ever empty
the hourgl-ss is nailed to the table
the sand and gravity etching the end

what makes you think these walls can hold us.
what makes you think these walls can hold us (x2)

there’s only so far you can bend us, before we…
break and take our vengeance, and burn this…
prison where you’ve kept us, and show them
a world without walls, without you.