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lirik lagu no flaws – calvary kylan


you know what’s goin’ on
(my n*gga brando been sick with it)
(say brando, what this hittin’ for?)
that yrb sh*t and nothin’ else, you hear me?
long live the guys
never thought my bro would slime me, chargin’ to the game

never thought my bro would slime me, chargin’ to the game
ever since that i was young, i’ve been high ranked
box you up, straight punch you down, i’ll bust your brain
’round my city sh*t f*cked up, these hoes a f*ckin’ mains, it’s crazy
was swappin’ poles back then, i got my own now
[?] swappin’ clothes and they done [?]
i ain’t goin’ to no drop, b*tch, we need more za
gotta leave this b*tch alone, think i got so tired
you can ask about me, i ain’t got no flaws
heard my n*gga talkin’ down, b*tch, you ain’t my dawg
they plan on slimin’ me, ’cause i ain’t poppin’ more
i was down, stuck on the floor, but now they see mе ball
tired of beefin’, man, that sh*t there gеttin’ old
i was thuggin’ late night just me and blo
elevatin’ everyday, you see my growth
she plan on leavin’ me, but i still keep her close
they thought me and blo, we both went down the wrong road
i lost 30, i lost 4, man, i miss my bros
still here bangin’ [?] i ain’t need them tho’
that sh*t crazy, everyday them n*ggas see me blow

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