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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freestyle) – cameron $wavey


[verse 1: cameron $wavey]
f-ck being on some chill sh-t
cameron $wavey on that f-cking chase a mill sh-t
just a young n-gga but i still k!ll sh-t
outfit hit the k!ll switch
so now a young n-gga fly-ing to these meal tickets
and n-ggas said i wouldn’t do it but i still did it
only bout the paper n-gga 20/money vision
y’all be chasing goofy b-tches n-ggas got the funny vision
told her no new friends i can’t get too chummy with em
never wanna you see win, wanna
see you be bummy with em
just a man on a mission trying to do it a lil different
plotting on a bigger picture, cinemas in the millions
so i hopped in the studio, wrote a verse, went to spitting
back to back making tracks for the racks to pay for my tuition
got my eyes on the prize, can’t sh-t take em off
and the reason they be hating is cause we taking off
we got unfinished business yeah that sh-t on the way
and i’m chilling still a swavey n-gga trying to get paid
you either trap you either rap one way you bound to get slayed
but i’m bout getting money so f-ck your minimum wage
you hitting minimum plays, say we been in the way
took a break and let em catch up, but we still in first place

[verse 2: luke genarro]
travel to the top we all just stay united
not divided leaving compet-tion frightened
give you more than what ya f-cking school provided
walking on the clouds me and the pros collided
trying to get my track ignited writing many hieroglyphics
luke genarro man you shoulda did important physics
i learn that you never stop it when the devil visits
tighten every rivet so you get the illest scheme, a hall of famer like kareem sit back and watch the action
nothing less than making changes causing traction
0 – 100 now watch their reaction
i will never stop until i’m in the life relaxing
ask me how to do it and ill show you
you will never get it i don’t care if i don’t know you
you think this sh-t fire its the pro-lude
listen up and pay attention mention how the pros do
98 i got a page to show that i’m authentic
never knew i meant it when i said i’d be lieutenant
new tenant in senate bout to start a f-cking epidemic
sparking up commotion the motion is where i set it
put the credit in its place, i’m racing on this mission
i pray to my god but this rappings my religion
bars are so consistent they -ssumed that i’m in prison
vision 20 money like cameron’s main position
bout to start the new edition take off on my rocket
trend another topic the top pick they try to rock it
stuffing up the empty sp-ce that’s locked up in my pocket
genna-rate, i penetrate there’s now way you could stop it

[verse 3: jon carlo$]
n-ggas told me spit that real sh-t hoping that my momma won’t ever be on that bill sh-t
please, don’t come at me with some bullsh-t
this real life i’m trying to live it
cause i got that money vision
plotting on a bigger mission
karma’s crazy when you f-ck over the wrong b-tches
man this love ain’t persistent, do right and k!ll everything
cause my n-gga $wavey say he trying to finesse yeah with the finer things
uh, like cars houses and diamond chains
bad b-tches screaming my name, i’m so insane
with a creative mind, still f-ck that 9-5
it’s cold world when you trying to eat
but that time is done cause it’s time to feast