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lirik lagu demon of the deep – candlemass


black chiseled beast
under the surface
demon of the deep
above is ursus

cold water dome
ancient predator
atlantis is home
for this carnivore

tyrant of the abyss
plague of the seas
tentacle kiss
razor sharp teeth

guardian of the grave
3 h-llish heads
10 miles below
the city of the dead

satan obsolete, your pitch black sheep, yours forever
demon amethyst, your world’s not lit, a sunken wasteland
oh your name was lost, in the myths for us, and never spoken loud

born in triton’s caves
a million years away
seeking out his prey
on his endless odyssey

down there in the darkness
centuries of evil
and his arms will take you deeper and deeper
god lives under water
we all seek his kingdom
and you feel his embrace, sweeter and sweeter