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lirik lagu hot love – canis


[verse 1]
got my hand on your shoulder
girl i’ll stick my shaft
bring your head to my groin
down, your pretty face

do your thing throat so deep
girl i’ll flip your hair
l!ck my bell stroke the tree
tomboy i need you there

[hook 1]
you gotta talk me dirty i bet you dare
you make me feelin’ ugly i bet you dare
you pour me like a dairy i bet you dare
you make me feelin’ holy i bet you dare

[verse 2]
you can laugh you can hide
oh shy, it won’t be long
take your pants off your legs
or i will take it off

can you feel the gravity
pull my skin to yours
baby i can take control
swear i’ll treat you well

[hook 2]
you gotta talk me flirty i bet you dare
you make me feelin’ guilty i bet you dare
you kiss me like a fairy i bet you dare
you make me feelin’ holy i bet you dare

[chorus 1]
you’re so fine i dig your thong
you’d wear your lingerie all night long
imma tease you baby like a wah-wah song
golly, brown sugar imma throw my phone

once i get in-between your legs
oh girl imma make you purple haze
you twist me like a giant flea
i was late to p-b-rty

[verse 3]
easy cake, oh baby calm down
it’s just a finger
i’ll show something bigger
shotgun without a trigger

ride above shake it off
on top, it feels so good
taste my wood on your slimy cave
i’ll k!ll your fear

[hook 3]
i gotta shake my palm tree i bet you care
i gotta quit my lazy i bet you care
i’ll treat you like a pony i bet you care
i’ll make you feelin’ h-rny i bet you care

[chorus 2]
spit your cl-t i’ll suck your t-t
of course imma wear latex tight and fit
imma plan to slam your dirty clam
oh h-ll oder jail i don’t give a d-mn

we’re future animality
you won’t learn this in biology
now l!ck my chocolate nice and clean
i wanna live in the new orleans