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lirik lagu 47 elements – capital steez


the circus is a jungle, why would i stop blazin o’s?
yee n-gg-
yo, yo, yo, yo said, yo-yo-yo
yo-yo, y-yo, yo
steezy baby!

said, let me introduce you to the elements
do it with eloquence, i’m back and i’m better than i ever been
and i ain’t goin’ nowhere, sh-t i’ve been flowing for years
look, he’s here and he’s growin’ a beard now
how’s that for your mainstream?
it’s me against time, to try to work against this man’s dream
cause i get more spins than clock radios
radio the cops and tell them to stop hating
no, i’m not taking “no” for an answer anymore
the circus is a jungle, why would i stop blazin o’s?
you actin’ like i’m out here rapin’ hoes
i’m not a criminal, so what the f-ck you take me for?
cause i’m a lower cl-ss citizen
tough pill to swallow like broken gl-ss and cinnamon
indiscriminate so my vision is red and green like christmases
bring them toe tags in again

yo-yo, y-yo, yo
it’s hip hop b-tch!

said, let me introduce you to the elements
ay, you- i heard you shining, but i got that gold membership
i rose from the bush like valentine’s petals
from an unstable family of alkali metals
hittin’ prime time like channel 5 specials
and i never handled rock like palestine rebels with pebbles
the antics and antiquities with ease and mr.steez
always got a trick up my sleeve
b-tch, please!
ain’t sh-t magic or witch craft
switch cl-ss and i barely just p-ssed
a young gr-sshopper that’s trying to skip pads
she trying to get bent like light when it hits gl-ss
bong smoke got me blazed as h-ll
runnin’ weight like the 47 j’s i scale
you can tell by the amazing smell
and my eyes stay tight like i’m asian, well