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lirik lagu fake love – capo ja


disappointed many times
can’t say im actin different (uh uhnt)
so many love scars
always treated different
can neva switch lanes
dat ain’t in my vision
looked to my daddy
he cut me in the deep end (heartbreak)
sellin weed on the clocc
bacc against the wall
time ticcin
homies switchin
n0body to call
wear my heart on my sleeve
cuz i lost it all
ripped my heart
out my chest
when i got dat call

snaked more than once
i kno how it feel
pain all in my eyes
but it can neva heal
crossed so many times
ion kno how to feel
all dat cap boutchu love me
fake love ain’t real (h*ll no)

pistol toting
ima blow it
truth be told
yea im focused
bound to blow
but b*tch ik dis
leave em at light
he hopeless
if he laccin
we in motion
knocc his noggin off
no jocin
smokin onna opp
uk dis kno dis