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lirik lagu n-noreaga – t.o.n.y. (top of new york) – capone


“t.o.n.y. (top of new york)”

from iraq to kuwait word up, desert station, regulation
cnn, channel 10 once again…wha-wha!

[chorus: x2]
t-o-n-y invade n.y.
multiply, kill a cop,
me and you,
you got beef, i got beef


yo n-gg-s tried to sh-t on me and make history, supposedly
i was the man who was supposed to be
the head of the click
lip sealed, no n-gg- snitch
do or die, i smoke bogey, sword like shin-bi
shoot up your block and make you know me
you aint ready yet, slow down and recollect
stay in the car, i stuff allah bodyset
ay yo allah-u-akbar, look paw, now i’m set
air conditioned cooler system, yo, the tec glisten
on a mission, shoot your back out position
found missing, 2-5 deep in prison
kid listen, die on the cross like a christian
so f-ck you, plus your weak religion
in disguise, nowdays i cut prize
the invincible, untouchable cnn
is boldfaced, written in gold with ink pen
channel 10, we break ten, win again
kid you on pluto, h-m-‘d out just like menudo
far from the sun, cant feel the sh-t that i do
i stand in front the judge about to lie, plus i’m high too

[chorus x2]


i did it for the love of cash your honor
traffickin’ across the verrazano, c-ke dealin’, marijuana
and my persona, glitters in gold
unlike them other money getters who stack, turn quitters and fold
cash and hydro, eyes low
looking phillipine, divide dough
and regulate, empire stare caked up
raked up a hundred thou, now we all laced up
what., shining, designer lex pearl lining
the finer wine and, cuisine sitting mastermindin’
roundtable climbin to the top of new york
won’t stop, until we get dropped from new york
price of c-ke rise
j sn-tch my enterprise
a million more, rookie cops thinking they live
we survive, game tight like virgin nappy
feds on our back, tracin tracks to murder pappy


2-5 we on a deadline, read the headline
noriega blast with nines
move fakers, get ya back blown in jamaica
lay you in the earth and curse you and your maker
i told you fools to stop f-ckin with the maqi
arab n-z-, blow holes in your versace
this war’s mega, with the arm legga legga
been doin this, since mobb six with cormega
gorilla, animal thugs be trife looking, your hearts tookin’
and got blown in central booking
i’m mad iller, organized thug killer
now you little monkey n-gg-s wanna play gorilla
officially, mousallini, punk he me
insanity, temporarily my plea
and the jakes never worry me as long as i’m free
to my people holdin packs, nuthin less than a g
crime side of life, foul price to pay
illegal life, trigger trife till we old and gray
when the flesh dry up and the world decay
reach heaven in a pearly white acuray
but until then, i’ma shine to the last sin
resurrect through the birth of my son, and live again

[chorus x2]