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lirik lagu 1997 – captain samurai


and i’m sad without you
but i’m still lonely right next to you
stuck inside my room

i have no energy to move
you messaged me last night
but i’m too tired to think right
i don’t care for a sunrise
i just wanna see you sometimes
don’t you worry about me
don’t you worry about a thing
i’ll try my best to be
try my best to be happy but
that emptiness comes everyday
and its swallowing my face
my heart always aches
i wish things never changed
i love you but it’s gone
but i dont want to move on
i’d rather kiss you and get along
i’d rather be happy than sing these songs
this isn’t how things should be
maybe happiness isn’t meant for me
nowhere feels like a home to me
i miss a place that i’ve never seen
love feels like a knife
don’t you tell me it’ll be alright
i don’t care that you’re high
i don’t care i just wanna die