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lirik lagu ’02-’03 – captwolf


[verse: lextheradical]
shawty what’s the move
what you tryna do?
all i ever wanted was some p-ssy and a view
used to shoot links now they shootin interviews
say you love me but you never in the mood
come spend some time alone
with a n-gga
put your phone down i can paint a better picture
working for the figures while you working on your figure
baby girl you know you f-ckin with a winner
we just
keep the wheels turnin till we all paid
hope she keep that p-ssy tighter than some balmains
used to be them n-ggas scheming in the hallways
long days, goin off the top like a bald fade
naw man i ain’t finna play fair
you ain’t gotta go home
but you ain’t finna stay here
man the flow cocaine from the brain to the ear
ain’t a d-mn thing changed but the name of the gear
the lighter keep me warm in these cold streets
joints burning speakers knocking like the police
stingy hoes half the reason i get no peace
low as f-ck inside the whip like it got no seats
and i just want a bad b-tch
waste average, booty obese
n-ggas see me balling from the nosebleeds
i’m talking kobe back in ’03