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lirik lagu 100k megamix – caramella girls


[verse 1]
ooh ahh, just a little bit
ooh ahh, a little bit more!
ooh ahh, just a little bit
you know what i’m looking for

[verse 2]
we love to party, so if you wanna (if you wanna)
we can boom bo*dom boom all night
boom bo*dom boom all night

[verse 3]
up and down, spinning around
one step right, then back into the middle
up and down

[verse 4]
toky*toky*tokyo, finally it’s time to go
to see takesh*ta street, to heat up my feet
toky*toky*tokyo, searchin’ for a heart of gold
the one that i used to know, downtown tokyo

[verse 5]
we’re gonna go for goal
we’re gonna get the gold
now is the time for our moment to shine
we’re gonna play for goal
we’re gonna get the gold
show there’s a chance on the ground
for everyone
[verse 6]
saw you standin’ there
with a smile to share
even blind could see
your spell on me
when i fell dum*di*di*dum for you

[verse 7]
we are the caramella girls
with the caramell dance
now we back again with a brand new style
it’s called the boogie bam dance
everybody raise your hands
get up
come on and do the new dance

[verse 8]
o*o*oa*oa (ao)
o*o*oa*oa (ao)

[verse 9 * mindy and ben]
come on, mindy, let’s go party
caramella girl, in a candy world
life in plastic, it’s fantastic
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
imagination, life is your creation