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lirik lagu envenomation of the population – carnosus


aeons of perpetual neglect has left our world in decay
blistering like a cadaverous plague*child
earthly structures drowning in havoc
no divine rapture
behold a prophecy die
a world in decreation, dying under the eye of a poison sun

bestowed upon us: desperation and ruins
fueling the naivety of the weak seeking salvation in the uprise of a new king

in these withered fields wretched minds roam free
feeding on thе once sown seeds of evil
some can only flourish in thе aftermath of chaos
down in the citadel of pure dysphoria
a vision is conceived * to conduct an infantry towards necrocracy
spreading misery are the hands of our self*proclaimed majesty
worshipped in indignity by the feebled devotees
led astray by the promises of exemption

behold a prophecy die…

envenomation of the population * an ancient design of rulership
conform, be one with the reigning mind!
plague and disease, all with ease concealed from a populace in dire need of a prophecy
a withering population bowing under an ikon in impure praisal

within the depths: malevolent upheaval
transm*tation through exploitation of the weak with eye on a future of wilt and blight

genocide, genocide, genocide, concealed within the vow of a prophet!
genocide, genocide, genocide, concealed within the walls of a chasm!
genocide, genocide, genocide, concealed within the enchanting void!