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lirik lagu 3 minutes – cartier hendrix



[hook 1]
i like ice(i like ice)
blackface diamonds(blackface)
looking nice(oh oh)
pour a thirty(yah yah)
in a sprite(lean lean)
only want her
for a night

try me if you wanna
but i do not play
thirty with extendos
i wet you like a lake
i keep the heater with me
i bake you like a cake
ive been dodging jakes
and a bad one give me face
12 on me so im creepin
she hit my line now im beepin
she off the molly now she geekin
ima throw her in the deep end
i don’t like her cause she teasin
ice on me now im freezing
ice on me now im freezing
im down to blast give me reasons
i don’t want that little girl so why she coming over here she be caught up in the diamonds like a headlight do a deer
and i be moving private you would think im flying leer i got 20’s 50’s hunnids in the strip club make them cheer
i do not like you the money it cycles patek on patek its badder than micheal
so many zeros you think its typo
wallet so fat you would think it needs lipo
wallet so fat its as big as the bible
im big as a idol
i shot up yo spinal
im in my final yeah im in my primal
i got them pressed they lookin like vinyl

[hook 2]
i like ice
blackface diamonds
lookin nice
ap skelly
white like rice
when i spend it
get it back twice