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lirik lagu 10 bars. 10 seconds – casey frey


10 m-th-f-ckin bars
10 m-th-f-ckin seconds
y’all think i won’t
you’re wrong

put ’em in the dirt
put ’em in a shirt
meninene curt
cut a shirt off m-th-f-cker
m-th-f-ckin naked
time to pake it
minna pake it
put the pancake over and then i bake it
what you talkin’ bout
minna minna cou
finna shinna fou
minna minna cou
finna get a couch on them eh
what you talkin’ bout
what you talkin’ bout
spit on your b-tch
hinnafinnawinnahinna spit on your b-tch
oh no, winnaninnawinna snow
winnawinnawinna go
winnawfinna snow
put a coat on it’s cold outside
then i’m gonna go
then i’m gonna go
henna winna go
hinanajd flow oh