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lirik lagu go dark – cassie steele


“go dark”

i am easily influenced
by others dos and don’ts
how can they bring me up so high
to sink me down like a stone
i’m flirting with a nation
who wants to see me destroyed
all the things they give to me
are things that i should avoid
cause i would go turn you dark

the soldier that’s jaded
is the one who can’t fight
there’s too much evil in people
to hold a gun without crime
everyday i get a feeling
that this love is a fake
can’t help myself being paranoid
how can i push them away?
they make me go dark

now i’m blacker than black
i don’t know my way back
i reach for a hand and they started to laugh
don’t see color no more
coming straight from my soul
they put black in my bones
told me to get on with the show
i caught myself from going dark

there’s worse things than dieing
no, i don’t stress about pain
but you’ve put a world on my shoulder
took my color away
i hope you get dark

so you’re blacker than black
and you won’t know your way back
you’ll reach for a hand
and i’ll laugh like you laughed
won’t see color no more
but you’ll feel black in your soul
i’ll get on with the show
and leave you out in the cold

i made you go dark
and everybody goes dark
and all you people going dark
the whole world just gets dark
the whole world just gets dark
everybody goes dark