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lirik lagu manifesto – cat empire


we believe
in the gr-ss in the trees
we support
living life cause life is short
we uphold
sky of blue sun of gold
we maintain
on sunny days all sadness and pain be relieved

we believe
the breeze blows the leaves in the gypsy king’s court
we support
food and wine song and thought and when the night gets cold
we uphold
the following rules that i’ll sing
to you all

we believe in melody
and harmony
and all things sweet
we sing a yum-a-yum chum
to the moon and the sun
and the rumble of the drums
and the big fat beat
we believe in the ace up the sleeve
and we shine our gold teeth
at the cats in the alleys
a flame on a match
that the wind can’t catch
and when the bad guys attack
the empire strikes back