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lirik lagu aphrodite’s winter – cathedral


frozen land mesmerized
by her arcane mystery
goddess of the underworld
cold queen of lost beauty

gazed upon earth’s battleground
at mankind’s misery
with her sadness, came love’s death
as violence slowly seized

her weeping tears of darkness
crystallized the earth
as warmth turned colder
her grief chilled away all mirth

frosted armies paused in war
now wearing beards of snow
perishing forever, forevermore
her bite numbs to the bone

housed in icy caves, men of peace
rest in these times of woe
shaking in gl-ss, gl-ss coffins
waiting for the sun to glow

she cast her spell on earth
and all emotion died
her languid heart dulled
the skies with love’s demise

she crystallized the earth
with water from her eyes
a frozen sun now hangs
above this land’s demise