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lirik lagu jailbreak – cb gaming


hail mary, raining down when i spit
so scary, horrified but i like it
i carry, whole squad like i’m sypher
good luck deciphering my bars
you not a cop, and this ain’t a jailbreak

[verse 1]
this ain’t a jailbreak, i ain’t narrate
i’m a player, ain’t no fanbase
they hate me like i’m blueface
turning a rap flow into a cash flow, cuz i made that bag
got the whole game between my toes, cuz i got em all so
wrapped around me, haters go ahead and rap around me
you won’t even get close
i guarantee you won’t ever win those
i guarantee you ain’t even have bros
ain’t no wack shows around my town
chicks dance around me in nightgowns
i know that you all going down
quick shot, quick jot, i’ma get ’em all back
hit ’em with a little bit of this and a little bit of that
cuz the way that i spit got em turnin’ into ash
and the pockets lookin’ green, whole squad in a bag
i’m making the big screen, locked in like that
swishing listerine, cuz i’m clean like that
yeah, i’m clean like that
mister clean like that
but i ain’t a bald bro
you look at me, i ain’t bald, bro
all those
rappers they think that they runnin’ the game, until i come along and i bury their name
i hand ’em a grave
expression so grave
raps too ill like covid*19
i’m running this game, i’m running this game
bars too sl!ck, you can’t get through ’em
ain’t no jailbreak
hail mary, raining down when i spit
thought i was done, nah, i’m just gettin’ started
flow so cold, reminding me of ice, yeah
bars lock you in, ain’t no more hate
and you stuck in, ain’t no jailbreak

[verse 2]
the bars are my lyrics
the track is my prison
i spit so fast, you ain’t even know that i could get that bag
i got a little bit of white boy swag, never knew that i would’ve been like that
but i been like that

i’m a little crazy
but who cares

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