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lirik lagu luxurious – cb gaming


living life luxurious
i ain’t need no girl in this
i live my life luxurious
to everybody who heard all this
i pack the punch, pacquiao
i box you up and then pack you out
i pack a punch when i drop the album
or fifty singles, isn’t that an ounce
not caseoh, no three*hundred pounds
but everytime i drop, still shake the ground
startin’ earthquakes everytime i drop
yeah you know i’m bound to pop
and you know i’m never gonna stop
never gonna stop, no, never gonna stop
lay you out on the table, you ain’t ready for the shots
and it makes sense because i’m defiant
while you sitting thеre so compliant
i write lyrics and turn em into hеat
you write lyrics and tell em “take a seat”
you chill and play while i work all day
you all decay but i’m here to stay, agh
the bass hit so hard, thank prana for that
but don’t let it distract
you from the internal meanings of all of it
i worked all week for all this
you must have no idea
i hit em with the flows and tracks like
holy snap
“you holding back”
you the one who’s flows are whack
and that’s that

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