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lirik lagu 48 freestyle – cdot honcho


cdot man
honcho honcho honcho honcho

pull up my p-ssenger seat a yellow b-tch
talk too much now she my fellow b-tch
show me yo t-tle let’s race for it
my car be loud as a ghetto b-tch
if that hoe thick pay for it
that be the flight her sh-t returning tonight no she not spending the night i gotta return to my life
don’t end up on first 48
cause they had a 50 round and you got the first 48
i probably can’t fit in yo window
don’t think that my lil shorty can’t
and no he ain’t have an extendo, the number before 48 b-tch
run in yo sh-t and create havoc just cause you missed the due date
yo -ss a minute too late
here take this miniature k with you
in yo sh-t like a roommate
i’m hoping y’all got the bouquets ready send em to yo mama place
i need that b-tch outta my face when i hit her
100 round yo -ss the man if you get up
she a clown see if her friend tryna get up
probably slide to double g
roc probably with me got sh-lls like the sea b-tch
i buy that shelf and then leave
stay with a trick up my sleeve b-tch
stay with some money if i don’t get that she probably wouldn’t be on her knees
marco told me if i work for the man i really ain’t gettin no cheese
marco told me if i need him to fan he’ll do as i please
f-ck hoes as i please
dish em off just like i’m steve
smell like i slept with some p’s and zips backseat keys and clips
every season trips stewardess love me i’m eatin chips
he try to pull up but i’m in the sky you gone need a lift
might have yo honey bring that money i really don’t need to pimp
she really just bring the sh-t
i spend it on lean and chips
run up we leaning sh-t
known for speeding whips
came up right on the south side
all of my haters they mouth wide
threw what you need in the club
too bad they got yo -ss outside
can’t turn a hoe to a housewife
i put that hoe out the house wise
the law ain’t gone catch sh-t but rubber k in the trunk kilos in the m-ffler
flemings for supper
raf simmons over $400
top floor penthouse bad b-tches where is they mother
i send them hoes out now they mad callin they brother
man they knew what it was
i knew what it was cause i got a buzz
choppa the size of yo cuz
blow that i’m in the hood
f-ck it if it ain’t a wood
this from the top of my hood
i mean the top of my head
pull up yo head on the side of yo legs b-tch

that’s all we got for em
aight aye
cdot man y’all already know what the f-ck goin on takeover gang sh-t b-tch
i’m on some whole other sh-t i’m on a new level
that level y’all just hit we just left off that b-tch shorty
you already know what the f-ck goin on shorty
honcho honcho honcho honcho