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lirik lagu 5 a.m. (freestyle) – cdot honcho


i’m counting racks right now smokin dope pearling up, all that shit man
c.d.o.t. honcho, honcho the ep man it’s mufuckin cdot
its 5’oclock right now, we in this b-tch goin crazy

i need another mufuckin blunt doe on foe nem

[verse 1]
yo b-tch wanna fuck but i don’t got the time
i’m on money that b-tch on my line
she annoying lil b-tch get declined
know that lil b-tch nice that’s on my mind
i get hundred these b-tches get 9
if you try me these 50s be flyin
we be smokin out zips when i ride
when i run up get smoked from behind
& lil folks he on point everytime
yes on foe nem he clippin’ yo spine
yea on foe nem they come through the back with 30 clip shotters and lasers on macs
i be smokin, don’t fuck wit the flats
where you goin, foe nem put lasers on backs
i be hittin yo b-tch from the back then i’m gone cuz i need pop for my act

[verse 2]
i’m gettin money like hoobers & robbers & lawyers & doctors
we ain’t boxin tf is you think is the reason foe nem they keep battin them choppers
im in gucci & louie & fendi in highschool i had a whole closet f-prada
now i got rounds in the chopper we pull on the oppers & let that b-tch operate

[verse 3]
i’m smellin like dope when i hop off the jet
when i hop out you know imma flex
yo b-tch call i give that b-tch text
that b-tch come
she givin me neck
then i’m gone
i’m gone in a sec
in a jet
i dippin’ from that
that b-tch callin, that b-tch stallin’
b-tch i be ballin put me on the spaulding
earning 3 like i’m playin for jordan & yes you can have all of that
hoes only want me cuz i’m ballin
but that b-tch ain’t goin fuck up my racks
but a b-tch can come through & get hit
on my momma that b-tch can’t get shit
margiela’s burberry my fit
it was really 2 racks for this shit
i just bought it don’t think bout the shit
foe nem got 9s they leaking yo shit
when you riding they thinking bout shit but how to get rich & blocking a b-tch
don’t speak on me to no b-tch cuz when you do that you just blocking a d-ck
niggas talkin’ on me bout that shit we pull on the block & you hoppin’ the fence

[verse 4]
so we pull up with tents we lettin it spray should’ve seen that b-tch face
i ain’t tryna fuck i just want her top should’ve seen that b-tch face
stop tryna get buck cuz i know you like cash so get off her -ss
honcho gang but they keep on callin’ me fast
i pull up in straights but i vanish so fast

i pull up in straight but i vanish so fast
yo b-tch wanna fuck but she ain’t got no -ss
i ain’t fuckin’ wit b-tches i’m honking i’m hoppin out coopers i’m mopping out rat (haha) *cough cough cough*