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lirik lagu when nightfalls – ceeband


woah… woah.. woah… woah..
aye, i say my prayers before i go to sleep
i know some n*ggas way back home who want to get rid of me
look in my eyes and maybe yea you’ll see…
all the pain a n*gga been holdin in from betrayal, envy and jealousy

(hmmm, hmmmm, hmmm)

man i swear i really been through like h*ll and back
these past few years…
but i always kept it pushin..
can’t never say i gave in

i say…
they say im a lame n*gga…
but whoever said you could hang with us?
i got lil n*ggas who got stain with em
they like “how you leave em?”
with his brain missin
and yeah i been coolin and kickin..
i ain’t really into that..
and yea i got lil n*ggas who gone go out there for me
and handle that… woah
they trying to see who the most lit in the city
while im down here trying to tell em “good riddance”
im talkin bout puttin like “ten in they fitted”
im talkin bout puttin that hatred to endin
i know that she miss me
but no i can’t love her
that b*tch had crossed me
so she is a dub
im running it up..
give a f*ck about what?..
ha, yeah
and i know when night falls
them phone calls
gone come my way…
i never thought i’d play superhero
but who gone save the day?
while im trying to run it up
im fightin demons that stuck in my head…
can someone just come and help me
take this pain away?…
hmmmmm… hmmmm…. hmmmmm

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