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lirik lagu bbl f4gg()t – central street shootaz


[intro: prod. chubbz]
we’re coming for your head b*tch
we got prod chubbz, rto, and t dot 45 on the track b*tch
lets go!

[verse 1: t dot 45]
you made the choice now this is your lifestyle
you was rapping all that sh*t like you a saint n*gga you a pedophile
but its not just about them kids
you was at diddy’s party making love to him and suckin’ a whole lotta d*ck
and you done scared away j. cole
he was boutta spin back and go to war with you but you tried to f*ck him in his hole
n*gga tried to hide his son from the world
was you tryna keep him safe from the media? or hide him from all of your bros
this b*tch will make you throw up
his pack i’m finna roll up
f*ck bbl drizzaaayy
let’s go rto!

[verse 2: rto]
haven’t made a good song in a century
go back to class yeah that sh*t elementary
speaking of that i have to confess
drake loves when kids sh*t on his chest
got thousands of kids, you beat every one of them
on all your sins, boy you gotta condemn
and the only reason i don’t think you’re g*y
is because of all the child support you pay
but that’s neither here or there
you steal kids from king richards fair
you know who else likes to eat
got prod. chubbz on the beat
[verse 3: prod. chubbz]
so i heard you a mothaf*ckin pedo b*tch
you like to diddle them kids u a straight up f*cking weirdo b*tch
tryna be hot sh*t but let’s be real you not sh*t
biting that starbucks straw b*tch you certified f*ggot boy
you need to be humbled that’s doctor’s orders
you should stop dissin’ stay in ya own quarter
need a lipo suction fat f*ck stop eating them burgers
don’t act like you don’t know me
she a minor can you really grasp that??
stop making disses take care of your son
you a dead beat b*tch you a straight up bum
yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh
that’s bbl drizzy

[interlude: prod. chubbz]
shake that ass rto
shake that ass t dot
shake that ass prod. chubbz
shake that ass rto
shake that ass t dot

[final verse: t dot 45, rto, chubbz, all]
i’m finna f*ck you drizzy
cum on you with my glizzy
we in that ass no diddy
a minor in this b*tch like millie
cosby in your estate
your b*tches underage
a schoolboy is your date
epstein island the next gate
hey all middle schoolers
p drizzy is around
so stay on high alert
student ass he wants to pound
[outro: prod. chubbz, t dot 45, rto]
lets go yessirr!!! ahhhh
yeah we f*cked you up bbl drizzy
get ’em chubbz! yeah get ’em prod. chubbz!!
yo who the f*ck is this b*tch bro?
don’t ever show your face around here b*tch, n*gger
c.s.s. for life!!

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