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lirik lagu still burning – cerebellion


fire in his yearning eyes
a skip in his step, it seems
dreams so big, he gazes on
can’t contain this elation

the whole world’s his playground
always on the move
so full of hope and mystery
with so much to prove

and now’s he seen it
he has taken the world for what it is
yet his fire still burns inside
at a different height

now some years have passed him by
the skin grows calloused as he’s tried and tried
his fire tamed by reality
but not enough to forgo his dream

the whole world’s his battlefield
each day’s a fight
smaller still than what rages on in his mind

and his fire still burns inside
and his fire still burns inside at a different height

longing for those yesteryears
when all hope had outnumbered fears
before the world he had called his own
turned tail and split, and left him alone

now he sees as he’s come of age
with all he knows he won’t be the same
naiveté gone with innocence
still he tries to find his way