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lirik lagu 0-100 interlude – cezar


0-100 n-gga real quick
trill will said its time 2 hit the k!ll switch
f-ck love dawg i’m looking for some trill sh-t
walk up on the porch lay it down no chill sh-t
1 time for my whole cl!ck
trill will an e money off a 3-6
ccm we ain’t playing wit the bullsh-t
it don’t take 25 n-ggas to get yo sh-t split
all it take is my brother off the bracelet
me and him to feel some type way inside this bas-m-nt
hop inside the whip, let the mac give a facelift
getting back 2 basics 2-2-12 mob sh-t
whoa i just gotta text
its ya main tellin me she want s-x
in all caps so i filled the request
i ain’t worried you i’m worried bout tha check
d-mn, 0-100 n-gga real quick
f-ck cool, i got the chopper screamin let er rip
never homes break bones and zones
grab a scale i’m bout to put you on
never a customer n-gga i’m the plug
you just a worker living off of the crumbs
ask ya man’s who taught him about dope
who stuffed the trunk up then set the kid home
uh, boy stop hating on a player
and stop sending b-tches for surveillance
heard ya watching me cuz ya whole team weak
couldn’t cook dope sh-t if i gave you recipe
chef boy cezar in the kitchen
wrist game proper got the streets still itchin
no ya honor my n-ggas all quit pitching
these n-ggas be dry snitching cuz they life still missing
0-100 n-gga real quick
f-ck chillin my n-gga i’m on some ye sh-t
take a picture of me send it to my ex b-tch
tell her i been i living getting rich on some next sh-t