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lirik lagu the refrain – chad greene


[verse 1]
do you remember the time in december
when you and i went for a swim
i said it’s too cold, and you said i’m too old
we took off our clothes and jumped in
there underwater i told you i loved you
and that’s when you swam away
then after we dried off i held you for a while
and that’s where we are again today

[verse 2]
it’s been a year of a wavering fear
pullin’ and pushin’ away
and when you’re near i have held you my dear
and i’ve wished for one night you would stay
then why do you tеll me you’re not the kind of woman
who takеs in a lover like me?
by day, when you’re gone i know you’re not the one
but for one more night, you could be

we’ve been here before, and if you want more
i’ll kiss you, and we can forget for one night
the difference between what you need and me
and i can pretend that i won’t say good*
bye until next time when i have come back again
wary, but knowing how warm it would be in your arms
and so it seems we repeat history
singing this song that keeps going back to the refrain

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