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lirik lagu 15 most emo songs ever – chad neidt



so cut my wrists and black my eyes
until the day i die (trust me!)
i’m not okay, i’m not okay
i want you to know that i miss you
what follows me as the whitest lace of light

oh, well imagine as i’m pacing the pews in a church corridor
and i go down, down in an earlier round
so keep the blood in your head and your feet on the ground
today’s the day it gets…
hands down this is the best day i can ever remember, ever remember
i just wanna break you down so badly while i trip over everything you say, i just wanna

the words are coming i feel terrible, is it typical for us to
time to let this pass, the time it takes, time it takes to let go
home sweet hole
is it worth it can you even hear me?
starting with your spotlight on me
*guitar outro*