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lirik lagu dios – chakratang


[verse 1]
yeah i’m really back on my debut solo
yeah i stole this beat but kept it low low
yeah i really bleed but i’m dressed in rojo
why yo girl lickin’ liquor off my torso
i could go for days with same old flow
when you press play you gotta take it slow
imma shoot them all ’til i’m outta ammo
imma pull the strings like it was a banjo
imma take em back like a buncha corn row
you can’t shake me up cause i keep the tempo
all these other rappers i wanna overthrow
she might be juliet but i ain’t no romeo
even on a slow song issa rodeo
for all of my niggas i gotta switch the flow
y’all gon’ be mad i hit the studio
look at me dance i’m on the maury show
i can’t see you this marco polo
or is yo -ss hiding on the low low
gave you enough but you askin’ for more
my phone keep ringing i don’t fuck with no hoe
ma nigga you childish you really need to grow
you can say it all but don’t fuck with my flow
when i hit it bounce i gotta take it slow
look at me now man i’m a pharaoh
you can keep shootin’ you outta ammo
hit of all y’all nigga th-ss a combo
you can’t see me nigga i’m a shadow
when you walk around me you better tiptoe
we can’t fuck witchu nigga you a sellout
distribute our sound like it was a handout
nigga come at us like they hit the round about
we gon’ blow up like it was a dreadnought

[hook 1]
look at what they did to me
look at what they did to me
look at what they did to me
look at what they did to me

[verse 2]
on that big b i had to grab a puff
i done broke her back i guess i be too rough
recorded for 3 hours but i guess it ain’t enough
long hair thick back i really had to cuff
no paper no pad could’ve freestyled that would’ve been rad
too many lines i might just turn mad
didn’t pop the pill she had to squeal so fuckin’ sad
me and my squad we got clout
me and my squad we ball out
you and yo squad you fallout
yeah we outside issa stakeout
the money could do with or without
iss me and my team really no doubt

[hook 2]
look at what they did to me

[verse 3]
ngeze kuri mic barashira
afashe sky aramira
wunvise akambere fata akakabiri
i fly high and these memos nest
flow tribal like iss called quest
put yo pen man this ain’t no contest
i wanna put my role models to the fucking test
when it comes to bars iss like i’m in a cell
when it comes fire its like im in hell
yeah we got that good good that shit you can’t smell
this track right here yeah issa bombshell
all the free spirits nigga th-ss my clientele

look at what they did to me
look at what they did to me