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lirik lagu my toy soldier – chamillionaire


“my toy soldier”

my toy soldier, call me when it’s time to
call me when it’s time to playyy
and just tell me where to go, go, go, go

[verse 1:]
said that they was sisters it was keisha and amanda
one’s a scorpio the other said she was a cancer
one’s a bartender other says she was a dancer
well i’m the general introduce me as the commander
what you gettin into i said nothing to substancial
we just asking you cause we thought you would give an answer
i’m like maybe baby but i think i need examples
that’s what we tryin to do but you won’t give us both a chance ta,
one to take the handle, one to get it damper
got to be official first you know i got to stamp ya
come sit on my lap and get a present like i’m santa
she in all black and cobbin on the wood just like a panther

my toy soldier, call up when it’s time to
call up when it’s time to playyy, heeeyy eyy
just say i’ll be on my wayyy

my toy soldier, call up when it’s time to
call up when it’s time to playyy, heeeyy eyyy
just say i’ll be on my way

[verse 2:]
hold up mayne, she just sit back and watch her friend
do her job then she switches
feel like kamasutra she m-ssage with deep kisses
my genie is a bottle she say i get 3 wishes
well my first is get it wet then clean it up like deep dishes
knowledge super wet you can call that brainstorming
always tell me i’m the best i confess it’s great scr-t-m
i ain’t paying for no s-x ya’ll get played like beethoven
call her up then she collect you call that pay phone and
i’m like what the hel you mean she ain’t trippin if i choose her
gotta lot of bread that’s why always keep a toaster
look at these two stripper poles that i got for ya
you and your girl can dance on em we can call that bi polar
then she turned and asked me whatchu wiping off the desk for
cause i’m your professor and tonight i’m bout to test ya
ice in her mouth and a cup i left on the dresser
brain freeze she turned me to the nutty professor
tryin to keep composure sped up like a motor
her friend behind that line i make em pick just like a voter
told her take it slower knew that it was over
when she wrapped around it and she squeezed it like a cobra

toy soldier my, my toy soldier
when it goes dowwnn
toy soldier, it goes go, go, go, go

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