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lirik lagu 2020 freestyle – charles infamous


corporate america got me boxed in
pharmaceuticals filled with toxins
anxiety got me locked in
pop another one, not realizing i got options
to make life a better place
i been stuck in the middle it was written all on my face
and the local news out here given the time sp*ce
made it on tv, now they can’t say it’s phase
been conflicted because i felt like i had a platform
not for pop music, but for me to rap more
about the people and culture that’s pushing there
if i didn’t rap about it i think it wouldn’t be fair
we’re living in some trifling times
corona*virus and these k!ller cops crossing the line
and often i find. myself drifting in the news
every time i watch. i be getting hit with the blues
sitting confused
like this the country that i’m really living in
people as white as me and don’t know what the privilege is
when freedom for all really seems be limited
something i gotta speak on lets go get into it
soon as we get the advance we buying property
my homies run up them bands, something we gotta be
different than generation that was before
a lot of rappers from my city really open door
here hip*hop doesn’t get the recognition it deserves
i rep it to the dirt till brothers getting heard
like f*ck the government democrats and republicans
i’m on some other sh*t coming from the mother*ship