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lirik lagu 45 – chase n. cashe


i’m chasing cash, you don’t get it like me
i’m chasing cash, you don’t get it like me
i think too deep, i’m real serious when i speak
see, everything i do is unique
this slow fast kill ’em fast, put ’em straight to sleep
if you don’t get it you won’t stay up
blood rush n-gg- so get your weight up
i’m in the gym every day, bars after bars
and i’m natural with it, natural, avant-garde
i be avant-garde when i do my art
my mind open every time i spit so i can part the seas
on what do or don’t ’cause i believe in myself
’cause i’m the god
god, i ain’t a rat but i taste the cheese
’cause it’s a need in america where i be
where i be i’m surrounded by them f-cking gs
we rap the c, be on every time we step
you know it was we
and i don’t walk, i don’t run, i stump
let the n-gg-s know every time i come i thump
got the desert here, gobi, baby, i let it bust
and some killers rolling with me known to carry some pumps
i let her do my thing, long hair,’
ain’t a gangsta n-gg-, a g better know that
and i’m so rare, yeah, i’m so rare
but i’m well done like’i’m getting to the benjies in a bentley
i’m chasing after b-tches and i’m busy, busy
i’m tryna push a lambo or a rosa, rosa
until i leave up out here in a holder
that holder till they put me in a grave, ‘fore they throw me in an ocean
until then i’m swaging, until then i’m smoking
until then my spirit gonna be floating, my brain open
everything a n-gg- saying is so potent
i put the wings on the words and let them fly now
’cause i never ever ever let them tie down
my soul, i gotta go and hit the road
every day i’m in search of getting better
i sever any compet-tion put into my play, i’mma place them
any n-gg- ain’t straight i’mma straight ’em
coming from a crooked city but i ain’t playing
every day my momma tryna tell me i’m the savior
i’m p-ssionate, i’m yelling when i rap and sh-t
i grab this sh-t, i see it then i map this sh-t
then cash this sh-t, monetize, that’s the moves
crown bearer, record stands to prove