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lirik lagu sun gazer – chauncey666


conscious infinite limitless i live as we all should
you can’t hurt me in any way that matters we all good
don’t be sorry never stressing projections reflections or confessions peon people preach at me
don’t seek to lower my frequency so those opposed to my motives can speak wit me
chauncey good ona commotion please leave me b!
peer ina mirror behold my lone opponent moldin his own indecency
f*ck a quotient undivided what we need to bе
all luv it ain’t a secret g*
*od onna bible script
dеy buyin it
falsified messiahs leadin sheeple to lions den
but long as the road to h*ll disguised as the finer things
its fine i guess
unlike these false prophets im not tryna deceive ya
god believe it
im not smoking im listening the ganja speaking
nirvana peaking higher meditation educating my bleeding machinery
leaking conscious leisurely this weeping sky scenery
contradiction gods belief in me
why is she crying
my love is undivided holy and righteous
won’t be denied by babylonian science
only bow before the most high
where im goin for guidance
im dun h8in
sun gazing
luv wen nem rays hit
lump sum of luv is sons payment
kwit cum planing
if eye goda go gaurentee its gunz blazin
f*kk payshintz
virchew can hurt yu
keep it 2 virgils
he serve yu verbal crop circles
concur or turned in2 earth food
jewels droppin like pird p**p
imma lovr yu a h8r im not tryna covert you
just planting seeds in brains that remain fertile minded
eternal vibing on this turtles island
mylan certified in inferno rhyming
rewind it and play it back til you memorizing every word and sound the verbs and nouns that i spit