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lirik lagu stronger – cheb amin


take me back to the balconies

the same weapons, the same salaries

hunt us all back to normality

haunt us all into insanity

that’s all i see as we walk through these galleries

as they try to to find you while they look to the galaxies

redmond nights, low battery

blasting through the speaker

she cries, but i can’t hear her

then she dies, and we look in the mirror

suddenly we need her, suddenly it all hurts

i leave home, all alone

i come back, on a throne

it’s all perspective, and that is somber

it’s all perspective, and that is an honor

you never miss your water, you always hate your father

chances always squandered, it creates monsters

and now i’m looking yonder as i wander

this pains lasted so much longer

alavi, am i free?

i don’t know, but i gotta be

look at me, it’s pointless

predict the future you’ll be disappointed

meet your heroes you’ll be disjointed

speak our minds? well we’ll be voiceless

you tell me if this is joyous or joyless

i don’t hear anything but this noise is just

impossible to trust, but so possible to love

and this decade is feeling so rushed

i’ve been feeling for a minute like i’m hearing only what i want to hear

and i’m only fearing what i want to fear

and we’re only searing what we want to sear

you’re only near if i want you near

it’s so smeared but when i want it to be, it’s crystal clear

it’s been such a long year

i guess you had to escape this sphere

i guess we felt the need to disappear

i don’t blame you, that’s a new frontier

then you are revered

then you are a legend

then you are there

then they shed tears

this is the premier like


for you

for you

for you

i’ll be strong for you

strong for you, yeah yeah