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lirik lagu scornocopia (scorpio remix) – chemlab


your rough beauty catches my breath
trashed flashed and too much make-up
spiked-heeled sky-scr-ped
but baby you got some guts
with your toothy grin around your gun
what did you say?

wanna die young, die young
that’s what you said
that’s what you did
you’re such a cliché
behind your mirrored shades

well it’s been no laugh
in your oxygen mask
you suffer your last gasp
strapped in
the stuttering light fades at last

with your burned-out
country club superstar looks
as the rock cooks
c-cktail hour smile collapse
slack-jawed black-eyed excess
yeah baby you’re a total knock-out

remember what you said to me?

scr-ping the gutter
for hard-ons and hardwire
in the guitar lazy night