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lirik lagu 2 player – chezi


lil rece produced it, lil rece produced it

[verse 1: larry june]
product of the motherf*ckin’ g*a*m*e
in my city, no security, n*gga, f*ck do you mean?
you ain’t got to play this sh*t, you a b*tch anyway
sold it off moowops, weed, and yay
bounced out so clean, b*tch had to choose
never really fixin’ sh*t, but i packed the tool
when i pull out my .50, i act a fool
sideways through the point, molly g, what it do?
and this plate bussdown, it got crabs and sh*t
if you ridin’ dirty, don’t smoke in the whip
don’t make you a b*tch, n*gga, that make you smart
stay on your toes, dodge the narks
real street n*gga, you can tell by the lingo
top down, pearl white, six, i’m on pico
used to live on enkos, paper like kinkos
three*thousand dollars for the burberry peacoat
stuntin’ is the usual
lil n*gga, who is you?
plottin’ on a m*ball
but i need a few
thirty motherf*ckin’ days
tryna stacks these f*ckin’ leis
chips, dip, basically you got to pay me
choppa lined ‘em up, like the barber d. rose
in a concierge, weed smoke on my clothes
you n*ggas fake, weird, i can’t f*ck with bro
you n*ggas way too old to be this broke
it’s been a lot of interceptions, we gon’ need a private jet
what’s next? they got houses in the hill, private chef
eatin’ good, told the b*tch slide through for the neck
like a jail call, b*tch, i collect
both cellphones ringin’, and it’s all for a check
‘bout to knock a teacher b*tch, just to f*ck her on the desk
if i text back quick, baby, you blessed
s*xy ass b*tch, all she know is finesse, numbers
ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
god d*mn
sock it to me

[verse 2]
in the ocean, on the equator, i’m hot as a sauna (freeze)
biggest shark in the water, call it tommy bahama
twinkle*twinkle on my wrist, this sh*t cost me a dub
dude was s’pposed to blow up, but i forgot he a dud (chezi)
that was texas with the blues, runnin’ plays like i’m zeke
when i bust vacuum seal, the whole kitchen was stinkin’
play dumb, i listen twice as much as i speak
came a long way from washin’ dirty clothes in the sink
get your money, make it rain, they gon’ hate for no reason
went and bought a burberry coat with a hood for the season
had to bust it day and day, go [?] with easy
i ain’t from the wood, but i’m chargin’ fifteen a feature
i’m a different kind of n*gga, i still sweat when it’s cold
i f*ck with [?], all my letters is gold
i think i love this b*tch, she h*lla thick with a bag
d*mn, i almost got caught up, i had some hair on my pants
this paper got me focused, i don’t need to pop adderalls
this a magazine, i’ll give you a catalog
been around the world, pack talkin’ my travel log
even though some people changed up, i ain’t mad at all
don’t talk reckless on my phone, it’s a elbow
i just hit the shop, said i’m lookin’ for a elko
in the streets – elmo, why you tell, bro?
i got stripes, but these off*whites, these ain’t sh*ll*toes
the way these verses set up, it get biblical
hit me like she want a second chance, yeah, that’s typical
she gon’ have to bless with me some bands, ‘cause i’m spiritual
it ain’t conditional
f*ck the judge, he made some bullsh*t admissible
i’m a flight risk
tried to pay the million*dollar bail, i don’t write sh*t
chezi need a million*dollar deal, but this priceless
told my white boy to check the mail, he said, “righteous”

get over here!