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lirik lagu 4th quarter – chiddy bang


4th quarter

late night whippin’ it
late night whippin’ it
late night, late night, late night, late night

late night whippin’ it
we’re magnificent
music b-mpin’ loud i am not givin’ in
why? cause i’m a pull it in the fourth quarter (hey!)
yeah, i go hard in the fourth quarter
great night livin’ it
defense dribble it
i could say you have a chance, i would just be kiddin’ then
why? cause i’m a pull it in the fourth quarter (hey!)
yeah, i go hard in the fourth quarter

[verse 1:]
uh, call the swelly troops, this is victory
remember junior high? they used to pick on me
tell gaga that i was born this way, became dope
and to the students, i used to be in the same boat
but when we start to pour get your rain coat
we gon’ leave every motherf-cker here drenched, soaked
and i’m a brainiac and this is sw-nky rap
michael sembello this chiddy fellow’s a maniac
them haters try to locate whatever plane he’s at
droppin’ anvils on him it’s animaniacs
halftime superstar, fourth quarter legendary
they say that i was droppin’ all mixtapes allegedly


[verse 2:]
and this is just some fourth quarter antics
who are you kidding? we be on some grown man sh-t
text a chick cause i’m handsome, next we’re spittin’ at mansion
i bet you this, you ain’t next to this
cause my flow is like a light tantrum
and if you feelin’ swelly, this is your anthem
p-ssport gettin’ used up please stamp ’em
said that shorty in the lobby a dancer
she down to get it? yes is the obvious answer
i’m a spend this money, make it back
gettin’ first place in fact
cause we give ’em dope, xaphoon he could lace the tracks
baggies is purple and yellow just like a laker hat
you don’t f-ck with chiddy i see you rockin’ your hater hat
i finish strong, they don’t call me no more
be the star they adore if you go hard in the four
one time, let the game simmer
i f-ck around and hit the game winner