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lirik lagu identity crisis – chief wakil


[produced by chief wakil]

[intro: chief wakil]
am i on?
turn me up, son
too many of us walk around
with no i.d
you get me?

[verse 1: chief wakil]
walking around, head down
she don’t know where she belong
she’ll do what they tell tell her to
so they always bring along
she don’t know she special
so she always get her drinking on
saying sh-t that everybody say
just like a sing-along
i wish i was there so i can be there to [?] along
met a boy whose insecure
but he got the sweetest charm
he just over compensate, so to her, he conversate
really i mean converse
he begins to demonstrate
swagging out cause he faded, swagging out cause he faded
bring another round to that table
got that molly in rotation
cheeped up a new habit, she just got a new hobby
they find love in a broken place, she the whitney to his bobby
look like they done lost their i.d
open up that flask, take a sip
and hit that hash and proceed to wear that mask
so they can’t see the real you, just wanna keep it private
that’s an ident-ty crisis

[hook: chief wakil]
what’s the point of living if your living for somebody else
i just wanna do me, just let me do me
i just wanna do me, just let me do me
i just wanna do me, do me

[verse 2: chief wakil]
they keep comparing me to kanye
whoever hate me now, well they’re gonna love me one day
i come from a city where they’re heavy on that gunplay
gotta keep you head on a swivel like you won yay
everybody say they a leader, but never really
they follow whoever seems to be ballin’
got that golden ticket
oompa-loompa minded approaching these w-lly wonkas
the thirst is h-lla real, they be reaching out for their wallets
these n-ggas, if they’re not worst, then they just as bad as these broads is
careful losing your circle, they’re leeching, proceed with caution
don’t shoot me, i’m just the messenger, i observe and i watch ’em
telling you cause i’ve seen it, it sickens and makes me nauseous
but i ain’t saying i’m flawless, but i know who i am
so i ain’t gotta play dummy, just so i can fit in
so say whatever you wish, there’s a reason i exist
why i’m living for likes on pics
that’s ident-ty crisis