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children of decadence - children of bodom lyrics


“children of decadence”

running under cover of the moonlight
shadow death row. at the night we’re
running wild with no hope for tomorrow…
no tomorrow!!!

as we’re walking through the fire,
that burns within us all. if ya wanna take
a glance to the blaze of pain, you’ll never
be the same.

you wanna get closer and get a taste
of death? i know ya wanna f-ck me down
’til i’m bleeding red. i couldn’t care less,
i’ll end up rotting in mud, so c’mon motherf-cker
and gimme your best shot.

you really thought you’d see through what
i am and what i need, we are children of
rebellion, we’ll fight, we’ll bleed.
don’t try to come to preach over us and
over me, we’re children of decadence, we’re
right, we’re real, we will fight, we’ll bleed,
we’re motherf-cking dying breed, we’re dying…

all wrecked and f-cked i wonder if this is the way
i’m supposed to go. but that is all i ever got, that
is all i’ll ever get, so i just let it go..

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