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lirik lagu cbg – chill black guys


[young hawaii slim]
it’s like state to state
city to city
swisher, backwood or rollin a philly
shawty hit the kush and act so silly
wanna hit my drank well, oh really
go billy go billy go
me and jay ughh stay getting to the dough
la or way up to the sco’
act like you know, lojack your ho
young hawaii slim might jack your ho
straight up f-cking tax your ho
slow your roll and pump your breaks
im on the block, smoking chops, pumping rocks and serving flake
pull it out the bag[untranslated]
shrimp, lobsters, tilapia
mobster eating pasta brah
oh yeah and i’m popular
cbg no stopping us
ice cream but no topping, us
hawaii in your metropolis
remember when i caught the bus
but now i’m living life
wake up everyday, roll a blunt
get right back to the cash
better watch your chick because i really must say i really like that -ss
how many times do i got to say it, were all about that cash
running a marathon for that paper
numero uno, you’re dead last


i’m just doing me, and living life
getting to that money
twisting spliffs and getting high
man this is the life of a chill black guy
its cbg, cbg until we die

[jay ughh]
it’s cbg until i d-i-e
and thats on everything
wake up in the morning
first thing on my mind is maryjane
i know we had fun last night but
baby-girl you gotta go
product of the fast life
i’m sorry you’re moving way too slow
here i go
straight to the paper, middle finger to a hater
i do kickflips, i am no crip, n-gga
don’t trip i’m a skater
hold up, get your dough up
and get your girl she eyeing me
i roll by, i wave say hi
i know she want this c-ck from me
cbg until the t-o-p
there is no stopping, we
if your trying to find me, rswd
where i be
danger, danger, your a stranger
you cannot cop from me
everyday i’m coming home like i just had a shopping spree
y’all n-ggas be hatin’
while i’m at the beach skatin’
and y’all n-ggas get bread crumbs
while my whole team is caking
and y’all posers be talking sh-t, i know all y’all faking
and my mixtape oming out soon i know all y’all waiting(uhhh)

[repeat hook]