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lirik lagu poem – chilly gonzales


[verse 1]
in the beginning
a bundle of joy
penetrating a cloud
spooning a honeybee with a halo
in a blizzard of rainbows
a velvet volcano
a flurry of fireflies
lights the entire sky
and the hug of a sunbeam
like a garland of wet dreams
of kissing a mermaid
in the hot springs
in a bathtub with wings
and drinking a potion of ecstasy
from a bottomless goblet
a chocolate ocean
i’m drunk on the droplets
inhaling a heavenly melody
played by hundreds of giggling violins
high on the fl!ckering lights
climbing the root of a peach tree to celestial heights
where only a giant can reach jupiter’s beach
sweating a tropical storm
wild, warm, fresh
eroding the flesh, til it transforms
to a statue of king kong carved with the h*rn of a newly born unicorn
and millions of miniature fountains
spraying up in a swarm
so hear the thunderclap
watch the horizon collapse
into the stratosphere i disappear
into a black hole made of cashmere
a light at the end of the tunnel
i’m running, i’m running, i’m running
into a blond beautiful sun
oh god
here i come!
[verse 2]
after the spasm
i fall to the fathoms
i implode to the size of an atom
the tiniest marble bouncing into a chasm
now i’m numb
now i’m done
now i’m no one
i hear the hum of nothing
so there’s nothing left
to accept
the ending

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