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lirik lagu feelings – chilu jr


bridge (natasha meleki):

hook (natasha meleki):

verse (chilu jr):

i got something i wanna tell ya, let’s not pretend baby i just want you closer to me
so we can get it popping just hop in we can ride around town straight*talking, or we can just cuddle all day, i just wanna turn you to my bae, so baby just come my way, i promise i ain’t here to play

i been looking for a you for a minute now, see all these other women they were lil trials, see i been on the mission tryna get it now, so i need a queen for the castle that i’m building now

you ain’t even all about the money, you steady focused on yourself and good lovin’
you independent and you got d*mn stunning, you love me for me and i love it

you a good girl, and you’ve been through a lot, but i’m a different writer imma change the plot, imma bring some chapters you ain’t never seen, you deserve the world and a wedding ring, for you baby girl imma do anything give you good lovin’ and more you gon get that from me