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lirik lagu 4 eva – chip tha ripper


forever like…
the first time i heard big l speak
and biggie smalls did a song with some n-gg-s from street
that’s when i knew it was possible
now what i got to do?
f-ck it i’m just gonna do everything that they told me
not to do
cause i ain’t got a clue
all i got is duke
and a whole city behind me who the f-ck is you?
no slack from n-gg-s that’s how they come up
in my hood they shoot so much we don’t even duck. for
fitted king they be like d-mn he to clean
my city is shawshank and i’m andy dufrain my mane
cause once you think i’m sleeping i’m grinding
i swear i hit the turnpike like every week to go find it
some say the kid ahead of his time
but the only thing popping is birettas and nines
in the city where n-gg-s slit wrists? and stay rich
n-gg- might have it on him but i bet he won’t say sh-t
the realest…