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lirik lagu levels – chris brown


[verse 1]
got my call ok
i decline that b-tch all day
no i can’t lie it’s a side b-tch
no i can’t, i can’t, no
i don’t usually ask for forgiveness
bringing up my past oh, b-tch you tripping
i see you fishing
you treat me different
it’s plain and simple
in your f-cking feelings
first i get my sh-t and leave
´cause it’s over now
what more do you want from me?
no you done brought this sh-t up
here sit down
you can’t blame me for it (n0body)
say you love me (n0body)
baby ima work this out
and i don’t need to hear sh-t from n0body

i ain’t crazy
this ain’t all in my head
i seen this with my own two eyes
if i might hurt
strike me dead
so d-mn tired
i know what you’re thinking
i keep getting you f-cking over
way past a conversation
all i can say is f-ck you, f-ck you, f-ck

[verse 2]
see now b-tch you being disrespectful
ain’t no n-gga even tryna stress you
you been hoeing round everywhere
even though we f-ck it don’t mean you special (no)
girl when i leave i got my feet on the pedal
ain’t no looking in my rear view mirror
i know she loving all the bezels and the medals
but i would never settle cos there’s levels to these levels
keep the diamonds, keep them rocks and the petals
b-tch i used to let it shine out of element
ain’t it funny how the pot call the kettle black
i’m so done playing with your silly -ss
i know i gotta move forward