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lirik lagu movie – chris brown



[verse 1]
girl lemme get this tripod make sure that the angles right
don’t know if you know yo lines so this might just take all night
baby get up on the bed i’ll do all the things you like
everything that i wanna do to you
girl your wardrobe is the same suit that you wore on your birthday
baby girl do i want you
want you in the worst way
now i’m gonna film you i wanted to since the 1st day
now i gotta chance to baby i got plans for you

me you take one (cut cut)
me you take two (cut cut)
me you take three same scene its us in between the sheets (oh i)
me you take four from the bed down to the floor
baby you so good i feel like you deserve an award
from the way you put that thing on me girl its a dream and i know all the things to do
so baby we can make a film watch it over and over again and i will play the lead to you…

we’ll make a movie movie
you’ll play the starring role and i’ll direct you on where to go
we’ll make a movie movie
up and down around & round baby just you follow i’ll show you what to do
we’ll make a movie movie (oh)
we’ll make a movie movie (oh)
we’ll make a movie movie (oh)
we’ll make a movie and i’ll let you do me do me (oh)

[verse 2]
baby lets do role play
i can be anything you like
use your imagination now just go on an close your eyes puedo ser tu corazon y talves tu profesor
i can be your doctor cause that’ll make it better



award for the best love scene in a movie, movie (moovie) goes out to you (uhuoh)
girl you’re the best really and truly, truly
for the things that you do (uohoooh)


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