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lirik lagu 50 barz – chris webby


“50 barz”

yea, this is where i show you how nice i am. 50 bars.

i rip up the mic dirty, battle anybody who’s worthy
the only player out with a ct jersey
you see me, heard me, felt me, purely
the sickest on the earth, ain’t no sh-t to cure me
i am surely, a rhyme busta, f-ck ya
if you go against the kid then i’ll have to crush ya
knock you down like a gust of wind if fists touch ya
cause i always stay on my grind like chad muska
take that suckas, hit em with br-ss knucks
and kick em with tims on and f-ck that -ss up
i eat em like pac man, the score just adds up
should be in a trash can, sh-t i’m grouchy as f-ck, yup
i’ll wrap my hands around your neck and choke ya
shock ten thousand volts, zues lightnin bolt ya
so keep your courage close if i go and approach ya
cause i’m here to “face off” like nick cage and travolta
spit molten flows that shatter your chest
leave you with a broken nose for a lack of respect
so please son, if you really wanna battle the best
i’ll put your f-ckin life in “jeopardy” like alex trebek, yes
i’m not your average vet, blastin a tek
i’ll ravage your set, beat you up like m-s-ch-st s-x
i never met another rapper of my caliber yet
but them beatin me is like me p-ssin an algebra test
i be flippin like a calender, lyrics be scorchin em
rap valedictorian, swingin, stingin like scorpions
skin whiter than porcelain, but bringin them dark forces in
sick like the sh-t they caught on the trail to oregon
i’m talkin cholera, scarlet fever, and dysentery
it’s scary, you’d swear to god i memorized the dictionary
i’m buyin if the “price is right” with drew carey
fairly out of my mind got you runnin like tom and jerry
i am very mentally nuts, spit with quickness
step to a b-tch like baseball, designated to hit this
got your head spinnin like kickflips, when i rip this
hardbody like my flows lift weights at planet fitness
you can’t get with this sh-t chris spit i’m this sick hit piff
till i’m flyin through the air quick as a discus
you simply can’t dismiss this, ready to go the distance
in the booth feelin like a f-ckin kid on christmas
this is, me back and fresh as can be
h-ll i got more kicks than the ufc
more kicks than jet li, or tekken 3
i’m nice, anybody i’ve ever met could agree
could it be? the dude who’s droppin -n-logies
hustlin to make a salary, and burnin opponents quick as a calorie
i will glad-a-ly, charge up the battery
and swing with a bat and see if i can knock your -ss straight out the galaxy
fact not fallacy, i rapidly drop sh-t
pilot in the c-ck pit and sure as a clock ticks
i’ll be here throwin more fists than a mosh pit
50 bars later and i’m still spittin hot sh-t

yea b-tch, i’m nice!